Artworks of Remy Blom

Projecting of white light on white painted objects and desk.

Midi mapping of 'Fur Elise' to sound and video projected on 11 seperate televisions.

Projecting of white light on 4 canvases hanging in front of each other, each casting a shadow on the next.

Projection of interaction on a keyboard and a monitor, both painted white.

A pedestrian crossing projected on a road.

The reflection of a TV projected on a wall.

Colors projected on wallmounted panels.

Colors projected on white panels.

3 monitors facing each other showing black and white video about colors.

Installation of computers in shopping windows playing video with happy people.

7 channel video-montage of a bouncing cup.

Video-montage of a sniplet of a dancing girl.

Video-montage of Theo & Thea saying 'Waar gaat het eigenlijk over?'

Montage of clips downloaded from YouTube featuring girls jumping into water.

Moving robot with marker programmed to draw line when on black, turn around when on white.

Three photos printed with an empty blue cartridge, put up for presentation anyway.

Three TVs hanging above eachother with their faces to the corner playing old VHS tapes very loudly.

Made with acrylic paint and cut-out cardboard.

Acrylic painting.

Audio experiments with a bunch of old tapedecks, walkmen and computer speakers.

Guerilla art project covering all public poster places in the center of Utrecht with gift wrapping paper.

Yellow/Black acrylic painting on canvas.

Portrait of Arwen made with acrylic paint and cut-out cardboard.

Painting made with acrylic paint, cut-out cardboard and Posca marker.

Electronerds in Rotterdam, Den Haag, Amsterdam en Leeuwarden.

Boxes attached to moving objects, with markers on a sheet of paper, tracking the motions.

Portrait of my dad, drawn from memory.

3 etches with squares and rectangular forms.

Animation for the 37x72 meter, 21x44 pixel display of the KPN Building in Rotterdam.

Square-sized woodboard with black drips and carving.

The act of attaching electro-shaped pieces of wood to the wall with removable glue.

Several woodboards with drips of acrylic paint and ink.

Acrylic paint on woodboard.

TV showing a testscreen which is randomly interrupted by distortion and noise.